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Re: [at-l] Technology on the Trail: weapons

Ken. R. K. wrote the following blurbs:

> harder to call some classes of weapons defensive, but I really can't
> think of a weapon that is strictly defensive only. A weapon that can only
> be used to repel an attack.

a smaller shield or buckler(not the full man sized roman kind) might be
considered a defensive weapon.  but they were used to bash into things like
heads too.  even though they were used offensivly their primary purpose is
to defend though.  if the oppurtunity arose and you were fighting(and i dont
mean a sibling fight) you would use any means nessary to remove your
attacker. be it a stick or sword or leki when you fight with someone really
trying to hurt you the rules get thrown out the door.

> Perhaps what WF really means to say is that he doesn't object to
> non-lethal weapons. A katana wouldn't fall into this category. Non-lethal
> weapons are rather different beasts.

even a bokken is lethal if used right.  i am sure you can kill someone with
a leki if you had to. but the question is why do you need such things. and
what odd situation would you need to be in to use such force you are better
off buying a single lottery ticket i think.   and i think all of these
things woudl jsut PI$$ @FF a black bear.  so they seem usely and heavy in
the woods. unless you are going to train with them and training is that
important you even need to do it in the woods.

if at all costs run away and be ready to run another day.

Wisperlight the Polar Bear

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