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Re: [at-l] A few comments to some of my fans. . .

> It seems that most folks seem to be in agreement
> that there is absolutely a well-established code of etiquette on the Trail
> regarding high-tech gadgetry and its public use.  Anyone who wishes to
> that these perceptions exist and are well-known, as far as what
> polite and proper behavior, is either distorting the truth or quite
> needs to spend more time on the Trail before pontificating about what
> for commonly acceptable behavior.

Now, I've never been on the AT, but I can say with confidence that out here
"in the West", yes, we do have "Trail Etiquette".... though I would say that
technology is not included with that. Out here trail etiquette includes
leave no trace, not walking on the heals of the person ahead of you, giving
the right of way to the uphill hiker, not playing leapfrog (hiking quickly
just to pass a person, and then needing to rest immediately after, so that
they need to pass you, and then trying to blaze past them again), not making
obscene amounts of noise, being quiet after sundown, etc., etc.  Granted,
playing a video game or a radio with no headphones can make a lot of noise,
and isn't following etiquette, but I fail to see how silently laying in your
sleeping bag with a Palm Pilot is considered rude.


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