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Re: [at-l] A few comments to some of my fans.

On Sun, 12 Mar 2000 17:41:41 EST MrsGorp@aol.com writes:
> thewitt@fairchildsemi.com writes:
> << The Hostel in Manchester Center...snip.... Anyone know if they 
> are still open for hikers this year?  >>
> Nope it's closed...there's a brief article in the ATN.
> Cin

I am really upset at this - not surprised, but angry.  Every year another
great place is closed to all hikers by the stupidity of a few.  Not just
Manchester Center, but Levi Long's, Shea's Pine Tree Inn, just to name a
few.  There are entire towns that became more or less off limits to
hikers because they got tired of dealing with the problems.  Did any of
you get to experience the Sunday afternoon bluegrass jam sessions in
Bastian?  It was a real treat - gone now for hikers forever.  Most of us
really appreciate the hospitality of these trail places, but a few idiots
manage to screw it up for the rest.   How many hotels and hostels now
greet hikers with a jaundiced eye after running into a few deadbeats? 
That's if they let them in at all.  

Those who are hiking have to remember that to the townspeople they meet,
they represent the entire hiking community.  If they screw up, they don't
just make themselves look bad, they give ALL thruhikers a bad name.    I
really don't appreciate that.  So many people have been kind to me as I
was hiking - I am so grateful to them for their time and effort.  And I
know that my response will determine whether they choose to be kind to
someone else in the future, or whether they will just decide that it's
not worth the trouble.  


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