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Re: [at-l] re: staying in contact

On Sun, 12 Mar 2000 17:18:21 +0000 Paul A Magnanti <pmags@juno.com>
> When we can get live uplinks from Everest, the concept of truly 
> remote
> areas are becoming more and more alien.  Each person is going to 
> have to
> decide for themselves how much contact they want with the "real 
> world". 
> Some want little  to none, others like my land-lady, want  to be
> connected to the pulse of of "civilization".

Paul - 
I object --  the "real" world is on the trail.   If you're a thruhiker,
you're not normal, so the "computer/work/civilization" mess is the
'normal' world. 

Oh well, it makes sense to me.  

Walk softly,
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