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No Subject

>Have to say that when I rehike the AT, itís gonna be southbound and 
>off-season so I donít have to justify every little decision I make
thatís not 
>the same as what someone else is doin

See, the funny thing is, on the the trail, most people do not give a rats

Call it cyber cabin fever, but around this time every year, flame wars
start to happen.

Also, don't forget that the online long distance hiker community is a
small part of a very small community. (How many people have even heard of
the Appalachian Trail..never mind the PCT, CDT, LT, IAT..etc..etc..etc..)

Anyone lurking out there on this list, do not worry about people haulimg
you off to the trail police. Ain't gonna happen.  Be considerate of your
fellow hikers, and most of all, ENJOY YOUR HIKE.

Eanie, Meanie. Jelly Beanie. The spirits are about to speak!
--Bullwinkle Moose
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