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[at-l] re: staying in contact

 >the very near future, I can see people hiking the trail who do NOT
intend to
>leave civilization behind, who ARE planning on being in constant contact
>their lives back home, and who WILL do so wherever and whenever they so

Ayup. The mentality is in place, the technology is there, now it just has
to be affordable for Joe Shmoe.

The woman I am renting from can't seem to understand the concept of
wanting to be out of cotact from everyone, does not understand why I
would NOT want to bring my work with me into the backcountry. Tried
explaining that I work so I can afford to do what I really enjoy doing,
but that concept is alien to her. 

When we can get live uplinks from Everest, the concept of truly remote
areas are becoming more and more alien.  Each person is going to have to
decide for themselves how much contact they want with the "real world". 
Some want little  to none, others like my land-lady, want  to be
connected to the pulse of of "civilization".

I remember a later October day in 1996. I  was on  the part of the AT
just before the notthbound climb up Mt. Liberty in New Hampshire.  It was
there I saw a bona-fide northbound AT hiker. It was late in the season,
but he was going to go as far as he could make it. I remember saying how
much I envy him, because I would soon  be back to my car and
"civilization".  He looked at me, shook his head. With his hiking stick
he pointed to the general direction of the road and said "Out THERE is
chaos"., then pointing to the trail heading up ther mountain "THIS is

Any trips I make into the backcountry are civilized. I find quiet, peace,
contentment. Back here, in the "real world", I truly do find chaos;
people on a rush to go their job so they can earn money for to for their
car so they can get to their  job,  a hustle and bustle that makes no

By not bringing a phone or a computer with a 24/7 connection to e-mail,  
I  will elect to keep the chaos at bay, at least for a little while.

Eanie, Meanie. Jelly Beanie. The spirits are about to speak!
--Bullwinkle Moose
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