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Re: [at-l] Technology on the Trail

KC wrote:


>    An interesting note,,,I first planned on hiking the AT  in 1972,,,way
> back then,,I read some trail guides,,I was suppose to carry a hatchet (so I
> could cut down baby trees for bedding and dead wood for fires).

A small hatchet doesn't weigh any more than a full-size
sleeping pad. Besides, have you ever tried splitting wood
with a Thermarest?...Cain't be done.

>  My clothes
> would have been wool. My boots would have weighed 4 pounds each. My sleeping
> bag would have been an Army mummy bag. 

> My pact would have been external (no internals during those days). 

Actually, externals in those days were pretty lightweight
compared to the overbuilt ones you tend to see today. Rigs
under four pounds were not that uncommon.

The only significant improvement in pack technology over the
past thirty years has been with suspension. Internal frame
packs aren't so much "better" than externals as they are
"different" from them. 

> I would have had to carried a can opener as most of my meals would
> have been in cans,,,no Mountain House then. 

Mountain House and other freeze-dried foods were available in
1972, but only in specialty mountain shops.

> Water purification would have been iodine (mmm that is what I
> used when I purified water the 3 times). 

Who regularly purified water back then? Did people even
bother in the south? I never did anything to my water until
the early 90s.

> I would have used an Army poncho for raingear and
> emergency shelter,,,the lightest tent I think I could find was 8 pounds. I
> would have carried a gun (I carried two guns,,but one was a water pistol and
> the other was a cap pistol).

By the way, Last summer I discovered that katanas are Wingfoot
approved for trail use, but only if you attach spiritual
significance to the weapon and practice with it in that vain.
I was very tempted to res*bscribe to his list just to ask him
whether I could take along my seven-hole punch if I worshipped
it every morning and conducted daily presentation kata.

> I do believe the times,,they have changed!

People were tougher in those days.

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