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Re: [at-l] Detracting from my hike

OrangeBug wrote:

> Actually, I do not find stupidity terribly funny. When I have worked in 
> prisons, I have never met an inmate there because of cleverness or genius. 
> If one understands that possession and use of drugs is a crime, then 
> displaying and offering MJ or other drugs to strangers is nothing short of 
> stupidity.  It is not credible that this person failed to know this. Such 
> stupidity often results in making your career an indentured servant in a 
> prison industry for many years, with the loss of property, privilege and 
> liberty.

Of the fellow's stupidity there is no question. My kvetch was
over the circumstances that made his civility and friendliness
a stupid act.

> Now should the use of MJ be a crime? That is a very different issue. But 
> while it is a crime, this hiker's stupidity should be a reminder to others.

You betcha. Anyone who believes that the Appalachian Trail
is a place from which to truly escape the ills and constraints
of society is a fool. It'll only get worse as the trail becomes
more popular and regulated.

> And yes, stupidity usually is a life sentence, although I've seen death 
> result from it also.

True enough.

> OrangeBug
> Atlanta, GA
> At 12:59 PM 3/12/2000, Malcolm Fuller wrote:
> >Hardy-har. His "stupidity" was assuming that he lived in a free
> >country. Since the "crime" most likely occurred on Federal property,
> >he could well be paying for it with a decade or more of his life.
> >
> >http://www.zolatimes.com/V2.7/drugwar.HTML
> >
> >Any bets on whether all of the fellow's gear wound up sold at the
> >next seized asset auction to finance new black BDUs and trigger-
> >cocking Berettas for the heros who caught him?

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