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Re: [at-l] Detracting from my hike

OrangeBug wrote:
> Wildbill wrote:

>> Reminds me of the time I was hiking from Neels Gap to Unicoi Gap. Was at the 
>> Low Gap Shelter when another hiker pulled out a large bag of pot. Nice guy he 
>> asked everyone there if they would like some. Everyone said no. He then went 
>> away form the shelter and smoked a couple of joints.
>> At the shelter was the pot smoker, me and a group of five (5) Law Enforcement 
>> Officers. Should have seen his face when at Unicoi Gap they all pulled out 
>> their badges. Then it was off to jail for him.

I feel so much safer.

> Of course the charges were felony level stupidity. I think that usually 
> carries a life sentence.

Hardy-har. His "stupidity" was assuming that he lived in a free
country. Since the "crime" most likely occurred on Federal property,
he could well be paying for it with a decade or more of his life.


Any bets on whether all of the fellow's gear wound up sold at the
next seized asset auction to finance new black BDUs and trigger-
cocking Berettas for the heros who caught him?

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