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Re: [at-l] [at-l} computers and GORP.com

Jack wants to play but have someone pay for his fun. Hey Jack get a job, save 
your money then pay for your own hikes. 

People having others pay for there hike are not hiking there own hike. They 
are hiking the hike if the payer.

Payed for them all myself.

GA to ME 1989
GA to ME to GA 1992-3

In a message dated 03/11/2000 10:46:30 PM EDT, KBerger466@aol.com writes:

<< Hey, Jack, itís ironic, isnít it, that you started both the computer 
 AND it was your proposal that made GORP interested in doing a computer-based 
 project in the first place -- because of your proposal to GORP for 
 sponsorship of your hike? (I know, I know, --  some people object to 
 commercial sponsorships, but hey, one argument at a time). Speaking for 
 we thought it was a good  idea -- not so much for the on-trail publicity you 
 proposed, but we liked the idea of our readers following someone on the 
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