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Re: [at-l] A few comments to some of my fans. . .

Jack Tarlin wrote:

> <<snip>>
>     Likewise, my comments on computers do not mean that I fear or loathe
> modern technological tools.  I am not a technophobe; I am merely saying, and
> the overwhelming number of people agree, that there is a time and a place to
> properly use these devices, and most hikers feel that their public use in
> shared social areas are decidedly inappropriate in a wilderness setting.
> This is NOT merely my opinion; it is clearly known, and there IS an
> etiquette established for the use of these items.  Anyone who chooses to
> deny this is either ignoring what they know to be true, or, they simply
> haven't spent sufficient time on the Trail to speak with any level of
> accuracy on the realities of Trail life.

I remember walking out of a Chinese restaurant in Gorham, NH being embarrassed
that I was a hiker. Why? Because Jack and his drunken group were so obnoxious,
loud, rude and profane that I didn't want others to think I was 'with' them. I
think that "...the overwhelming number of people agree" that this behavior is
not "appropriate" for a hiker in a "shared social area" like a public restaurant
in a known trailtown. It is also 'clearly known' that 'etiquette' should not be
only enforced or enacted on the trail. I'd much rather have a guy with a palmtop
next to me in a shelter, than what I had next to me in that restaurant. So, be
careful what stone of judgement you cast. Thanks for your time.

Felix J. McGillicuddy
ME-->GA '98
"Your Move"

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