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Re: [at-l] Technology on the Trail

Last year when I met the Mountain Marching Mommas at Sam Moore shelter 
(they finished soon thereafter) was how things had changed during the 
past 20 years they had been section hiking. The biggest improvement was 
in materials. No more really heavy pots. No more carrying of burlap bags 
to stow gear in. Better packs.

Things do change. And the MMM were probably just as pleassant 20 years 
ago - did they serenade people with "Happy Trails..." then too? - as they 
were last year. If they had been pills 20 years ago simply improving 
technology would not have improved them. If they were pills then the only 
way to change would be from within (NOTE: I am not suggesting they were. 
I'm just using them as an example of a group of people I've actually met 
who spent the last 20 years hiking the AT).

Changes that affect a person's personality come from within.  Technology 
might color a personality, but that is all.

  ** Ken **

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