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[at-l] [at-l} computers and GORP.com

Hey, Jack, itís ironic, isnít it, that you started both the computer debate 
AND it was your proposal that made GORP interested in doing a computer-based 
project in the first place -- because of your proposal to GORP for commercial 
sponsorship of your hike? (I know, I know, --  some people object to 
commercial sponsorships, but hey, one argument at a time). Speaking for GORP, 
we thought it was a good  idea -- not so much for the on-trail publicity you 
proposed, but we liked the idea of our readers following someone on the 

Anyway, to bring everyone up to date, GORP couldnít sponsor Jack. We wanted 
to -- I mean, one of the the big problems of sponsoring hikers is the high 
drop-out rate among thru-hikers -- Jack's a four-time thru-hiker, so that 
meant that we'd have a real good chance of following someone all the way. But 
heís going northbound and we just couldnít put all the pieces together that 
quickly.  Also, as he made clear, he doesnít believe in computers on the 
trail. We ARE, after all, a high-tech computer-based Internet company -- if 
we went ahead with a sposorship, we would want to use available technology to 
get the articles up on the web in a more timely way. 

So I just wanted to remind people that GORP.com is still looking for people 
who are indeed willing to carry some sort of electronic device to post their 
journals to our Website --- to those of you who have written already -- weíll 
be in touch soon. (We just feel we need to talk to as many people as 
possible, since stuff does happen to derail even the best-planned thru-hike.) 
Oh, and itís gotta be a southbounder, because we canít pull all the pieces 
together in time for a north-bound starting date.  

If you missed my first post on this subject, hereís the deal: We provide some 
gear and the computer or Palmpilot; you do some Q&As with our readers and 
write a few articles/journal entries for us  (We donít want your; whole 
personal journal  Ė just enough to give the folks sitting at home the idea of 
a thru hike and let them follow you.) There will also be a little cash 
involved as payment for your articles/journals/whatever.  GORP.com is one of 
the largest outdoor recreation sites on the Web, with more than 1 million 
hits per month Ė I think this is going to be a lot of fun, plus if youíre an 
aspiring writer, youíll get some clips/visibility. We ARE looking for people 
who can write well.   

Anyway, this has all been very interesting Ė Iíve certainly learned a lot 
from this discussion and will talk to anyone we do happen to sponsor about 
the issues people have expressed concern about. Hopefully, weíll be able to 
pick someone who isnít inconsiderate and all those other bad words 
(churlish?). But my sense of the "consensus" (and I have read all the posts) 
is that most people are saying, hey, just be reasonable and polite and quit 
making a big issue out of every difference. 

Have to say that when I rehike the AT, itís gonna be southbound and 
off-season so I donít have to justify every little decision I make thatís not 
the same as what someone else is doing. 

Karen Berger
Class of í94 and GORP.com hiking person 
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