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Re: [at-l] Beware of people packing PC's

pittsburgh wrote:

Put 'em up, I tell ya, put 'em up!!! I'll tear ya from limb to limb!!!
I'll crack ya with my umbrella!!! You curlish son-of-a-purist!!! You
stinkin' Avery blazin' white trash!!! So there!!! Nah, nah, nah!!! Had
enough? Or shall I taunt you again???

OK....well now.....I am new to the list. THIS is the most sensible
response I've see yet. 

My hubby FurTrappers made me join this list and check out what it is
that keeps him glued to this "high tech 'puter" jazz. I joined to assist
in his protection against those who try to call him "churlish".
Hehehehe,...(I'm a teacher and I even had to look that one up.) 

The debate on "tech" jazz on the trail...my opinion?.... Don't sweat the
small stuff...
enjoy....I for one don't plan to pack any frustrations in my backpack. 

I think I will enjoy the dramas here as they unfold, and I do enjoy a
good debate.

And lastly, we live right by the C&O canal, and I think we saw a
paratrooper training session in progress the other day as we were
walking. Tricky way to train them....off the AT....who would suspect it?

Good Hiking,
GA-ME 2001
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