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[at-l] A few comments to some of my fans. . .

Baltimore "The Troll" Jack (aka, Jack "Wingfoot" Tarlin) wrote:

> Anyone who wishes to deny
that these perceptions exist and are well-known, as far as what constitutes
polite and proper behavior, is either distorting the truth or quite frankly,
needs to spend more time on the Trail before pontificating about what passes
for commonly acceptable behavior.

Jack, Jack, Jack - Reading the above makes me think that Wingfoot has
rejoined our list.  This "I know better than you" crap is the ploy that WF
uses to win friends and influence people, and to impress the newbies.  This
"You'll understand if you hike" baloney is almost verbatim from HIS

People on this list do not try to put themselves above others on this list.
That is one of the beautiful things about this list - no one is here for
grandeur or self gratification.  There is no holier-than-thou bullshit on
this list.  Pull it down a notch Jack - there are no podiums at the
campfire.  This assemblage of nine-year-olds does not need a nanny...

Below are a few more comments of yours...

> I feel that my experience on the Trail over the years has
given me a unique perspective, certainly when considering what the Trail is
actually like, how many people actually think, etc.

Your experience is no more unique than many, many others on the list - and
those that don't have all that much time on the trail tend to keep the rest
of us in line...

> It's a pity that some people's animosity towards me has
started to interfere with their reading comprehension.

Wingfoot 101...

> I was NOT dictating on
what people could carry.  I made it clear that this wasn't my place to
comment on---I DON'T CARE what people choose to carry; it's not my business.

You don't care - but you'll speak of it over and over and over again

> This is NOT merely my opinion; it is clearly known, and there IS an
etiquette established for the use of these items.

The only place that there is "technology etiquette" established for the
trail is at TRAILPLACE...

> Anyone who chooses to
deny this is either ignoring what they know to be true, or, they simply
haven't spent sufficient time on the Trail to speak with any level of
accuracy on the realities of Trail life.

Tap the microphone Jack - make sure it is working - the people in the back
may not have heard...

> It's a pity that for some
folks, their antagonism towards me, or towards something I've written,
prevents them from recognizing simple truth.

And with that, Wingfoot stepped down from the podium and left the building.
The little parapackers wiped the area clean...


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