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Re: [at-l] Beware of people packing PC's

I finally found a use for a watch with a compass.

I was trying to create a panoramic picture that would eventually become a 
virtual panorama that people could move around  in on the web (QuickTime 
VR and that type of stuff). I don't have a nice tripod with a swivel head 
that I can set to just move in precise increments like 35* or 88*. I just 
have to eyeball it and hope the camera is level all the way around. I had 
the idea of using my compass to help in the task, but it was really 
difficult keeping the compass in view, lined up well with the camera and 
trying to see what I needed to see (remember my vision is poor). This was 
especially tough when using a monopod which is what I'd take on a 
multi-day trip (monopod/hiking stick). If the compass had been on my 
wrist displaying nice large numbers I could have done this much more 
easily and probably created a halfway decent panorama isntead of the 
somewhat icky one I was finally able to get.

Of course, such a watch probably isn't that much less (or more) than 
getting a proper swivel head. :)

KC, wHich one have you got?

  ** Ken **

On 3/11/2000 4:12 PM KC wareagle@ioa.com wrote:

>Excellent post! I agree 100%,,,btw,,,my watch does  include a compass,
>thermometer, altimeter and it tells time!

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