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Re: [at-l] Beware of people packing PC's

Gee, don't you enjoy trolling and finding a target for your aggressions? 
Why do you have to go and spoil things by offering moderation and reason to 
a subject that is so trivial!  <VBG>

As much as I would prefer to avoid computers and other high tech toys on 
the trail, I know that such "issues" are very self limiting. I've tried 
using a Palm Pilot, and know why paper and pencil work better. I know how 
heavy even the lightest notebook is, and how limited battery life is. Heck, 
I got razzed last year for demeaning the use of a tape recorder on the 
trail, as I don't want the reminder of delinquent dictations! If someone 
wants to bring such toys and can manage the weight and inconvenience, they 
are more manly than I am.

I suspect that if someone's use of a cell phone, computer, recorder, 
guitar, or (fill in the blank) ruins your wilderness experience, you have 
significant problems. Perhaps the people in your area are the most uncivil 
miscreants to hit the trail, or perhaps the problem is closer to home.

I strongly urge others to avoid letting the little things get to you like 
this. The large things will kill you anyway, so why bother with such trivia?

Atlanta, GA

At 11:54 PM 3/10/2000, Ronald Moak wrote:
>If you choose to hike the AT that's fine. Just remember that there are of
>hundreds of others out there hiking too. Whither or not they share your
>reason for being there is irrelevant. They belong just as much as any of us.

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