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RE: [at-l] Computers and courtesy

Oops, sticks and stones.. too bad this was
writen with paperpaper, I would find it acceptable to
use as fuel :0
hey, at the campfire at at-l it's on the trail time,
there is NO boorish... just use a red bottle and
don't spill any please :)
and private mail, their ain't know such thing as
anyone in the next bag can hear everything anyway..
considerate.. if I don't smell ya from 500 yards,
ya pass :)
bear bells
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I get both AT lists (plus the women's) and was surprised to find this happening to me on the AT-L instead of the ATML. 
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"all of this is clearly unacceptable, rude, classless, offensive,
selfish, boorish, inconsiderate behavior"

Jack, you forgot Churlish!

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