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[at-l] Re: Phones, puters, and now more technology

Not sure how many people saw Greg Scholzs' hand held short wave radio at the
RUCK, but it was a nifty gadget for those of you so inclined (or pressured
by the folks at home) to be taking an emergency electronic communicating
device out on the Trail. The thing was perhaps 1" x 2"by 4", was able to
broadcast and receive on short wave, FM, AM, cell frequencies, even picked
up TV and Weather radio broadcasts. May have been able to do other things
too, like fix breakfast :)
While you are supposed to have a ham license in order to operate it on a
regular basis, I think you aren't required to *if the situation is an
emergency* (which is the only time when you were going to use that cell
phone, right? :) Chase, woodelf - you guys got some input on that?
It weighed 4 ozs, and was a couple of years old - Greg said that they are
probably lighter than that now.


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