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Re: [at-l] Computers and courtesy

.  Hike Your Own Hike, by all means---but when Hiking
>Yours starts interfering with other folks' right to Hike Theirs, then we've
>got a problem.
>                                       Jack Tarlin
>                                   (AT 95-96;97;98;99; and
>                                       hopefully '00)

Sounds to me like yer saying "your 'rights' end where my nose begins"?

Anyone who thinks that Hike Yer Own Hike means Do What You Please don't know

Or any of the other AT hikers, either!


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Date:          Fri, 10 Mar 2000 20:10:38 -0500
Subject:       Re: [at-l] Computers and courtesy
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Moira's post has good points, too.

And I think that as I said in my posts -- this community on AT-L is a SMALL
one -- met 4 thruhikers today, drove two around in Hiawassee -- the Two said
they'd read THREE BOOKS to prepare for their hike, Jan Curran's, Ed Garvey's
and another one with a lot of charts (you all know it, he couldn't recall
the name -- former thru hiker who sent out questionnaires) -- didn't get on
the web, didn't check out Trailplace or AT-L -- even said that they didn't
want to be a part of that technology.   They did it the old-fashioned way?

So, I do indeed think that we here need to be reminded that we are the
minority of hikers on the Trail -- not only the 3000 or so ThruHikers (most
of whom are not on this list or the alternative either) but also the Three
Million Day Hikers (99% or more who are not on this list or the

So I pose these questions:
Do we as minority users of the AT have a right to be judgmental about who
carries what with them when they thruhike (as long as it's legal)?
Considering that a majority of ThruHikers do not access this Elist or even
acknowledge its existence what influence do we have, anyway, other than to
sour those outside this elist to our personal dislikes?

I think there are a lot greater issues that need to be addressed.

YMMV, Coosa
Should we not be working to educate those Three Million Day Hikers about
Trail Ettiquette and Ethics?

(and someone wondered about my opinionated ways?)

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