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Re: [at-l] Wingfoot Names First Avery Monitors

At 01:44 AM 3/10/00 -0500, Kenneth R. Knight wrote:
>Exactly what is a parapacker? I've seen the term pop up recenlty, but 
>frankly I find that I pick and choose what to read carefully and what to 
>merely skim. I think I've skipped everything involving "parapackers."
>Sounds like someone carrying a pack attached to a parachute. This would 
>mean that they would have a lighter load when the wind is just right. Of 
>course, if the wind weren't just right they could end up with a much 
>heavier load. This doesn't even begin to address the issues of staying on 
>the trail. AFter all, that wind might move them off the trail and then 
>that would, by definition, change their hike from the PURE THRU-HIKE to 
>one that was marred by yellow blazing. Right? 
Actually if the wind were strong enough to *lift* them off the trail it
would be Ultimate Blue Blazing. Could turn out to be the sport of the
Millenium (if you believe in the Millenium).

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