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Re: [at-l] Computers and courtesy

Moira says:

> I mean, _really_. Looking at something won't kill you. It shouldn't even
> piss you off. Let others use their toys, and be content and pleased in
> your own ways.

And, I'd also like to add that the wilderness is a BIG place. HUGE! One
would think that if one didn't like what one was doing on the trail, one
could hike 15 yards to the other side of the trail, and camp oneself there.
Or, one could keep walking and get a mile or two ahead of the one with

Or one could just sit there and stew, whilst one's brain is hemorhraging,
from staring at one who is typing on a laptop.


P.S. I, for ONE, am not even taking a walkman... I , for ONE, simply like to
play devil's advocate.

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