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Re: [at-l] Computers on the Trail, yea or nay?

> Jack and others,
> I am a super laid back person. If someone takes a computer, or any bit of
> technology on the trail, I'm not going to let it ruin my entire trip...
> heck... I'm not even going to let it ruin that HOUR. Computer? Fine. Cell
> Phone? Fine. GPS? Fine. Wear a teddy? Fine. Carry a pink flamingo? Fine.
> It's just not worth getting in a huff over, and I would never judge a
> based on such a thing. And, I'd like to think that the vast majority of
> people who take six months off work to walk across America are equally as
> laid back... you have to admit, it's a pretty laid back thing to do.
> I think that individual personalities on the trail will "bother" me far
> than any inanimate object ever will... well, unless I'm forced to carry
> inanimate object for somebody.  :-)
> Granted, my views may change after I complete the trail, but these things
> don't bother me in the Colorado backcountry. Plus, I'll never stop being a
> laid back person.
> Kristen
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