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Re: [at-l] Weaving together two threads


The computing community has promised us computers and communication gear
woven into our clothing ... not to mention the personal page or assistant
r2d2 ...

Personally, I would like to see my high-tech gear woven into a cloak and
loin cloth with infrared connections to my boots. I'd expect the cloak to
include beamable suppers and breakfasts with curries, whiskey, and tobacco

Wheels just won't cut it on the trail. They are outlawed there anyhow. But
an insectoid r2d2 to set up and break down camp, fix supper and breakfast,
and run to town for a mail drop, now that would create something of stir
here and on the trail, no?

I wouldn't need anything else, now, would I, to walk anywhere on this good
earth ......

> Cloaks and computers on the trail:
> It seems to me that with the proper cloaking mechanism, computers could be
> used on the Trail without affecting anyone's wilderness experience!
> In the meantime I'll be in Holodeck 4.  Computer:  Load Frolicking with
> Babes Simulation #1.

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