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[at-l] Hot Springs area

Just dropping in on the list briefly.  It was SO overwhelming suddenly
getting 100 messages that somehow I just couldn't take it all in.  Anyway,
hi to those who know me, and hi to those who don't.  I know I am running
really late with this, but that is typical for me right now.  Just wanted
to let those hiking this year know of my existence.  I live about 40
minutes from Hot Springs and am good for what, I don't know.  You will have
plenty of hikers to talk to in Hot Springs, but if for some reason you have
a problem, I am sure that I won't be able to help. Ha!  Also I have a
friend that lives near Max Patch.  I will volunteer her to help you. 
Anyway, if you need something, or would like my # for the worse case
scenario, forget it.  If you want to have a meal with me and my hubby, let
me know.  Ha!  What I am really saying is that I will help anyway I can, if
I can, if you have a problem.  Good luck on your hike(s) this year.  Hope I
can get out there.  I think what I need to do is become a bum and quit

The Highlander
aka The Illinois Flatlander   (take your pick)
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