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Re: [at-l] bird song tapes?

In a message dated 3/10/2000 4:07:45 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
krk@home.msen.com writes:

<< Does anyone know where I might find tapes that identifiy bird songs? I 
 know I won't see the birds on the AT,  >>
 Peterson's field guide to Eastern Bird Song is available at most large 
 The late Roger Tory Peterson just about 'invented' field guides, and his 
bird song tapes are excellent. From the White Throated Sparrow's 
'poor-sam-pea-body', the warblers whistling, to the wood thrushes' haunting 
flute-like song, the tapes include most of the calls you'd hear on an 
Appalachian hike. Don't be so sure you won't see birds, because in the 
spring, before the trees leaf out, you'll see many along the trails and 
streams in their bright breeding plumage. You might want to check-out the 
illustrated guides, too. It helps to match pictures with the songs, and many 
of the birds you'll encounter aren't singers.
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