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Re: [at-l] bird song tapes?

<<Does anyone know where I might find tapes that identifiy bird songs? I
know I won't see the birds on the AT, but I'll certainly hear the ones
that make sound. I'd like to be able to identify them.>>

Actually I bought my tapes AFTER my thruhike, down at the gift shop at
Amicalola Falls when I went back for New Years Eve 98/99.  They had 3
different sets and I bought 2 of them, because they were ones along the AT.
Maybe someone has their phone number?  I don't have it handy.  I also found
a CD on Amazon.com (but haven't bought it) called "Birds of America in
Song" by Audubon.. so if you have a local Audubon society they may be able
to help too.  Good Luck.

GA>ME '98

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