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Re: [at-l] Wingfoot Names First Avery Monitors

Exactly what is a parapacker? I've seen the term pop up recenlty, but 
frankly I find that I pick and choose what to read carefully and what to 
merely skim. I think I've skipped everything involving "parapackers."

Sounds like someone carrying a pack attached to a parachute. This would 
mean that they would have a lighter load when the wind is just right. Of 
course, if the wind weren't just right they could end up with a much 
heavier load. This doesn't even begin to address the issues of staying on 
the trail. AFter all, that wind might move them off the trail and then 
that would, by definition, change their hike from the PURE THRU-HIKE to 
one that was marred by yellow blazing. Right? 

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