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Re: [at-l] Computers on the Trail, yea or nay?

I want to add one more tidbit. I answered the "do you care?" question of 
Jacks with "this doesn't make much sense to me." By that I meant that 
asking the questtion seemed a bit redundant. I do care. I care that 
people be courtious to each other.

If they are, especially to me, then I don't mind if they carry a 
computer, cell phone, or whatnot. I don't really accept the arguement 
that such things can ruin a trip if used responsibly. I think what many 
of us, including me I've seen rude people screaming into cell phones on 
mountaintops (though I'm more irritated with helicopters flying overhead; 
or frequent gunshots as hunting seasons approach, let alone cars, 
factories, and such, as pointed out by someone else...), are complaining 
about is rudeness. And that rudeness can be more apparent if someone is 
using something like a computer or listening to a radio set to high 
volume (it doesn't take much to sort of hear what's playing when the 
listener is open open-air headphones). But, these people would be 
inconsiderate in any case.

  ** Ken **

ps- Yes, I realize I said I was going to leave the "worthiness" issue 
alone. Guess I fibbed.

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