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Re: [at-l] Second A.T.

Some years back I did a little work on the Cumberland Trail in Prentice
Cooper Nat. Forest near Chattanooga. The club that was heading up the
project was too extreme for me so I quietly dropped out. I mean, I'm all
for environmental causes but I stop short of attacks on hunters and their
property. They fight back you know. Anyhow, the club sorta died out (bad
choice of pun) and I haven't heard any more about the Cumberland Trail. 
I didn't know the greenways in Chattanooga are part of the trail system.

The greenways in the Chattanooga area are beautiful. There is a 100+ year
old bridge that is now restored and part of the footpath across the
Tennessee. The bridge connects the "art district" on one side of the
river with Coolidge Park on the other. This is pure uppy territory so any
hikers should expect to be stared at. When I was a kid, Chattanooga was a
grimy steel town that also made Brock candy bars and Double Cola. Now you
can buy uppy water right down town at one of them outdoor cafes in the
"art district!" What is the world coming to?

Where was I? Oh yes, over then next several years the plan is to extend
the greenway from Chicamauga Dam to downtown and on across the Tennessee
to Moccasin Bend. Now that the steel mills don't pump out black soot,
Chattanooga has become a real pretty place and the greenway river park is
a super idea. All except the uppy water part.  Hopeful
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