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RE: [at-l] Ibuprofen...

I understand that, but probably this worry is a bit excessive. Remeber, 
much of the warnings on medicine bottles are from product liability 
lawyers, rather than based on medical risks. There is also the problem of 
regulatory issues as the FDA dictates the wording as a quid pro quo for the 
privilege to sell Ibuprophen over the counter (in much lower dosages than 
usually given chronically for arthritis).

There is some risk for those using analgesics and ignoring the beneficial 
warning of pain. There is some risk in chronic use. Those needing it 
chronically would do well to get medical attention to find out why they 
need it, if better options exist, and what risks of complications they may 

But in general, Ibuprophen is very safe - probably safer than Tylenol. 
Those who postpone evaluation and treatment of an injury will probably find 
many opportunities to develop a chronic problem, with Ibuprophen only a 
minor actor in this play.

Atlanta, GA

At 05:41 PM 3/9/2000, richard mann wrote:
>My concerns are for those people that take ibuprofen daily for 6 months on
>their hike.  The warnings included with each bottle of ibuprofen discourage
>this type of prolonged use.  If there was injury, okay, but people take
>ibuprofen for aches and pains.  Why risk permanent injury to get rid of a
>little inconvenience?  In my understanding of the subject, the cure is worse
>than the disease...
>I will, of course, defer to the knowledge and opinion of a physician, as you

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