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Re: [at-l] Water Filters

I am happy with a PUR Hiker for sections and weekends. I've had good quick 
filters, no breakdowns, and no problems with the pump. I have found that 
the filter will release activated charcoal as the filter ages and needs to 
be replaces, which can interfere with the bite valve on a Platypus. Most 
people have horror stories about my filter, although it is a popular and 
commonly used filter.

I always carry PolarPure for a back up. This is the easiest and most 
reliable iodine I've found, although s/w heavy glass container. Many people 
take their chances and do not filter or sterilize their water. There are a 
number of expensive but very reliable ceramic filters which may be cheaper 
in the long run with rare parts replacement.

And there is always the infamous idea of ultra-violet light <VBG>.

Ain't gear talk fun!


At 04:39 PM 3/9/2000, Daryl Lucas wrote:
>Was interested in your opinions concerning water filter types. Best
>design, easy of use, reliability. Tips and suggestions too. Thanks!

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