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Re: [at-l] Computers on the Trail, yea or nay?

Hey Jack, ya done good on this one  as you gotten me out of the deep, deep, lurk mode and made me post twice on the subject. I've already given my .02 worth on the subject so I'll change the topic a bit.

There are so many other things on the trail that annoy me more and that I find to be more harmful to the trail and the wilderness "illusion" that I think ARE worth complaining about that I really don't have time to complain about technology. Technology we see from the trail every day in the form of cars, factories, houses, other people, etc. Even if people don't carry the taboo devices, we are still going to see it in some form or another. When in town, many still run to the
library to check e-mail, find the first pay phone, play video games, watch TV, movies etc. Not being critical of how or what anyone does anything, but if these things are taboo on the trail, shouldn't they be avoided in towns as well? Should we even go as far to say that towns should be avoided entirely? I am in no way supporting the use of technology. I hike to get away from it. But I'm not going to say that because I don't use it, others shouldn't as well.

What does annoy me that I think we all should work to change? Carving initials or writing on shelter walls, garbage in fire rings, garbage left carelessly along the trail, unburied feces or toilet paper, people bathing or washing hair or dishes in streams, throwing left over food in the woods or in a fire ring, people that track mud all over a shelter and make no effort to clean it up, and the list of environmental impact issues goes on and on. All I'm trying to say is that
there exist so many infringements on the environment by hikers that impact as well as detract from nature,  that I'd much rather see us devote our time and energies where actual harm occurs. Technology might be annoying, but it isn't going to destroy the wilderness. Only we can do that.


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