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Re: [at-l] Computers on the Trail, yea or nay?

Hi Jack, I think you really stirred up an ants nest with this one! :-)

>     2)Do you feel computers and other hi-tech links to the outside world are
> intrusive, harmful to ones' "wilderness" experience, and are out-of-place on
> the A.T.?

As the innocent bystander?  Emphatically yes.  (As the user, see below.)
I realize that "hike your own hike" means allowing others to hike their own
hikes too.  I am not usually the type of person to tell someone "Your Hike Is
Not OK", BUT seeing a computer or, God forbid, a [censored], I think would
really get to me.  Now I know Dilbert did not bring his PDA just to yank my
chain, but it _does_ detract from the wilderness experience--at least it does
mine--and it does seem kinda thoughtless of others.

Maybe as computers become more ubiquitous their forms will change, and they'll
become less obtrusive.  And as we get more desensitized to them maybe our
perceptions of what's "intrusive" and what's "normal" will change too. 
(Reminds me of the "noise needers" article that's part of the rec.backcountry
serial faq.)

>     3)Do you feel that if used discreetly and privately that it's OK to
> carry and use a computer?

Yes.  Hike your own hike.

>     4)How do feel the majority of the A.T. community feels about this?

I speak only for myself.  But I would hope that most people would enjoy a
tecnho-free hike.  You have to realize that a lot of people hit the trail to
get away from the noise and the rat race, and if you're going to bring some of
it with you, common courtsey and thoughtfulness would suggest discretion is in

There is a good article on you-know-who's site that discusses using gadgets on
the trail.

I know other gadgets were specifically excluded, but I can't resist:  I would
not wear a watch, except I need to be able to get to the post office on time.

If I don't drop out right away, I will have a Walkman shipped to me, but plan
to use it only in my tent.

IMHO cameras ok.  Digital cameras...ummm...ok.  Camcorders not ok.  IMHO.
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