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[at-l] Re: Vitamin I

Just thought I'd throw my .02 in here..... Any pain reliever used in excess 
can be harmful.  Ibuprofen can cause ulcers, Tylenol can cause liver injury, 
and ASA can cause coagulapathies (bleeding problems)  The key is to use each 
medication responsibly and as directed.  I've read in countless journals 
about folks taking Vit I every two hours for pain......really NOT 
recommended.  Ibuprofen stands out above the rest for pain control (for 
hikers) due to its anti-inflammatory capabilities.  It eases the pain from 
those injured joints and muscles.  Some people have sensitivities to this 
med, so it can cause some gastric upset.....that's why they recommend taking 
it with food.  First and foremost, talk with your physician and get his 
feedback on how much of any of these painkillers you can take safely.  He/she 
will give you the best info for YOU.  Happy Hiking.
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