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Re: [at-l] cloaks

At 10:35 AM 3/9/00 -0500, WHHAWKINS@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 03/09/2000 1:58:33 AM EDT, miller84@matrix.newpaltz.edu 
><< I always hear about cloaks keeping people warm in old stories and
> anthropological stuff...  why have we completely forsaken them? i have never
> seen anyone make or use cloaks anymore is there something not nice about
> them?
>  >>
A cloak doesn't work very well with a backpack.  You might be able to get
away with a small knapsack, but they really aren't suited to that.  They
also aren't particularly useful when you are being active while outside.
They work well when you are bundled up sitting in a boat or in a cart (or
in a mead hall waiting for Grendel with your buddy Hrothgar, etc) though.

They are in essence a blanket that you wrap around yourself.  When cloaks
were common, they were also used for sleeping while travelling, and could
probably be used as a tarp when neccessary.  Historically, people wore
clothing similar to what we do today when they had to work outside and be
active.  Cloaks were used when you had the opportunity (or need) to bundle
up against the cold, rather than work in it.

When you think about it, ponchos might be considered a modern equivalent of
a cloak.  If you want to know how well a cloak will work for you, think
about the last time you used a poncho. 

Just some thoughts off the top of my head.  I might have some books I can
look in with more information, if anyone is interested.  (when I have time,
that is, probably around May ^_^)

Take Care,


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