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Re: [at-l] Laurel Fork Bridges, Blue-Blaze, etc.

On an interesting note - while visiting w/ Slyman and Cheryl last night, he showed me his new patch.  They are staying at the hostel enroute to Springer, and apparently Sly went out with a crew to do Trail maintenance yesterday.  He got a really nice Laurel Fork trail maintenance patch :) Strangely enough, as close as I live, I have never been to the Kincorra hostel, nor met the owners.  I plan to remedy that this weekend when my friend and I take a hike in that area.  Of course - I don't have a CLUE how to get there :) So can someone give me directions to Dennis Cove Road? (my maps AND guides seem to have been misplaced).

And oh yea - I finally got my ATN yesterday. Quite a good turnout from list folks :) Way to go, guys!!

The Redhead
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