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Re: [at-l] Ibuprofen...

Pittsy, is there a problem I've missed? Even water has adverse effects, 
including drowning.

It is reasonable to use analgesics and anti inflammatory agents while 
hiking or recovering from an injury. These can be lifesavers for those with 
arthritis and other connective tissue disorders. It is important not to 
simply mask pain, but to attend to the cause and allow recovery from an 
injury. This can be a reason to pack Vit I rather than Vit MSO4 (morphine 


At 08:59 PM 3/8/2000, richard mann wrote:
>A caution about ibuprofen (aka Advil, Motrin).  "Vitamin I" can be very
>destructive to the body.  Please read the warnings...
>Besides, why try and mask those aches and pains?  You earned them all -
>enjoy them - they prove that you are alive and kicking (limping)...

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