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Re: [at-l] cloaks

> I always hear about cloaks keeping people warm in old stories and
> anthropological stuff...  why have we completely forsaken them? i have
> seen anyone make or use cloaks anymore is there something not nice about
> them?
> just curious.

I dunno what you mean by a cloak, but in asia they still use this piece of
clothing which is nothing more, really, than a wool or wool-cotton or
(further south) cotton blanket.

I caused a bit a of rukus as a young man mistaking a hard for a soft "r" in
the local dialect when asking to buy one of these blanket/cloaks. It turned
out I was asking for a wedding, rather than a cloak, with that minor
pronounciation error. I laughed too and went to demand a cloak and a

At any rate the blanket is an extremely versatile piece of equipment and I
enjoy taking it or a smaller version of it with me on my hikes.

Among its many uses are these:

1. wrapped appropriately, it provides shelter from sun, wind, rain, etc.

2. emergency insullation/privacy at night time  - the lighter, larger,cotton
version served me well on many a crowed 3rd class train or bus trip .... I
could wrap up entirely in it, stretch out and fall asleep, keeping my things
inside with me.

3. Use a corner to strain water

4. Use another corner to tie up a cup or two or rice and/or beans

5. There are two other corners to tie up other useful items.

6. The lighter, larger, cotton version, depending on the size and
configuration, makes a fine turban which people in the west do not fully
understand. A turban keeps the sun off your head and neck and lets you
breath dirty, dusty, smokey air through a filter. The method of tying the
turban serves as an identity badge of sorts, announcing your tribe or region
of origin. It also provides a means for hiding one's identity ...

7. They provide emergency materials for splints, bandages, etc.

8. Tied correctly to a staff or branch, it provides shelter from sun, rain,
etc. for several people on a warm day.

9. Tied correctly to yourself, you can carry an infant, child or injured

10.  Once again, Tied correctly, it serves as an emergency back pack, day
pack, or whatever ....

11. Used for smoke signalling

12. Wet, and use for cooling

13. Use it to tie up gear off the ground from a branch, as a gear "hammock"

14. Use it to tie yourself up off the ground from a branch, as a seat

I'm sure you'll find other uses for this versatile garment.


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