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[at-l] 2000 Mile Rocker

> My Rocker and Certificate came today.
> I know that we have recently trivialized the award, and in general I agree
> it means little in and of itself. I did not thru hike to get this little
> patch and paper certificate. I did not thru hike to get my name in the
> and I don't need anyone's praise to make my hike complete.
> I did go out and buy a nice frame, place my certificate, my patch that
went all
> the way on my backpack, and my rocker beneath it, in the frame.  The
> recognition of my 2160 mile walk through the woods from Georgia to Maine,
> go on the wall of my home office. I'll see it every day. It will make me
> every day.
> I think people who lie to get the rocker will not smile when they look at
> theirs. I think people who lie to themselves about the purity of their
hike, or
> the purity of their accomplishment will not look fondly on their
certificate. I
> will. I will always treasure that 6 month period in my life, the
friendships I
> made, the miles I covered, the personal hardships I endured and the
challenges I overcame.
> When you get yours, be proud. Don't blow it off. Don't skip sending in the
> to the ATC because someone else says that the rocker means nothing. Smile,
> out your application, send it in, display the token proudly, and know that
> did what few other people in this world ever will do.
> I feel especially proud to be a thru hiker today. I'm smiling ear to ear.
> Paddler
> GA>ME Class of 99
> http://paddler99.trailstories.com
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