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Re: [at-l] Computers on the Trail, yea or nay?

At 04:13 PM 3/8/00 PST, Jack Tarlin wrote:
>    I'm now wondering if I was speaking merely for myself.  I like to think 
>I'm reasonably in touch with what most of the thru-hiking community is 
>thinking, but maybe I'm wrong.  So here's my questions to you guys:
>    1)Do you feel comfortable with hikers who are packing computers?

Yes, but I haven't seen many. C*** P****** are more much common especially
among dunderheads.
>    2)Do you feel computers and other hi-tech links to the outside world are 
>intrusive, harmful to ones' "wilderness" experience, and are out-of-place on 
>the A.T.?

A computer isn't anymore of a "link to the outside world" than a diary that
gets mailed home. Thar ain't no data jacks in the trees. It's just a
different way of recording your thoughts in a journal. I've thought about
using one (or maybe mini tape recorder) but have decided that since a pen
and paper don't need batteries I'll stick with that.
>    3)Do you feel that if used discreetly and privately that it's OK to 
>carry and use a computer?

Sure. Why not?
>    4)How do feel the majority of the A.T. community feels about this?

I'm not the majority. I speak only for me. 
>    5)Do you not really care one way or the other?

I care that we be considerate of one another both in using such things on
the trail if we choose to and in not being obnoxious to those who choose to
if we do not.

"Do not annoy others. Don't be too easily annoyed." by somebody whose name
is lost in the folds of my brain.

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