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RE: [at-l] Computers on the Trail, yea or nay?

They feel that computers have no
> place in the Trail, in shelters, hostels, etc., and that their presence
> would be resented by most of the other hikers, and that this
> would, in fact,
> reflect poorly on the company sponsoring the trip.  The
> introduction of such
> gadgets was NOT something that most folks would welcome or appreciate.

If the person is discreet, and doesn't insist on including everyone else in
his project it's up to them. Honestly, given the short battery life of
laptops, the weight, and VERY limited usefulness I don't see that this will
be a major problem. Trail Etiquette should be able to handle this major
affront just as it has handled The Walkman and CD players.

I honestly don't see why people get so upset over what someone else chooses
to carry. We have been blessed with all kinds of high tech products in the
backcountry (GoreTex, new nylon laminates, plastic pack frames, butane
stoves, plastic boots, Polarguard insulation, self-inflating pads,
telescoping/spring-loaded hiking sticks, freeze-dried food, printed
descriptions of every bump/curve/store/hostel/shelter we may conceivably
encounter along the route, etc., etc., etc.) Why do we not balk at any of
these, but as soon as we add the factor of needing a battery, suddenly it's
an outrage that "technology" is being forced on the "primitive" hikers.

Opps, two exceptions - Flashlights, shining in everyone's eyes at all hours
of the night, and cameras. These new automatic jobs are mostly computer with
a couple of lenses glued on. When I hike, I carry a fully manual Nikon FM2.
Maybe I'll start a movement to ban these high-tech, computerized, totally
out-of-place, gadgets. I mean, every time I hear one of them automatically
advancing the film, or , heaven forbid, rewinding the film, it TOTALLY
destroys my entire wilderness experience!!! Yeah, I'm sure WF will help with
this just cause.




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