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[at-l] Laurel Fork Bridges, Blue-Blaze, etc.

Baltimore Jack wrote:

<snippage> would not
have come about without the efforts of Bob Peoples, who lives in Dennis
Cove, who, with his wife Pat, helps care for the Trail in those parts, in
addition to running the best damned hiker hostel from Georgia to Maine.

You are so right, o' troll of this assemblage of nine year olds.  I must
smack myself silly for NOT mentioning Bob and Pat Peoples, and the wonderful
Kincora Hostel - AND the great work that Bob does in maintaining the trail
north and south of his hostel.  One piece of advice about Bob - look him in
the eye and SPEAK UP.  He spent many noisy years defending our country, and
paid a healthy price - he is quite hearing impaired...


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