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Re: [at-l] Limerick

If you insist....

There once was a hiker named Bear,
Who wore tutu's and didn't have hair,
He  would roam the AT,
Watching hikers with glee,
To ensure that their hike was done fair.

He would think of his bud Myron Avery,
And keep tabs for a guy who's unsavory,
He'd remember the face,
and the time and the place,
Of thru hikers who would misbehavery.
(OK, so it was a stretch).


I sit by the campfire and think,
About Bear in his Tutu & mink,
Of the "Babes" on the List,
And the others I've missed,
And my spirits begin to sink,

Then I think of the folks on the Trail,
Hiking Georgia To Maine, they won't fail,
Who before the Trail ends,
Will have made life long friends,
And my spirits begin to sail.

To be continued...

Good luck to All!


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