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[at-l] Springer Fever

I believe that I am deathly ill with Springer Fever...
I stuck the Carbide tip of my Leki pole under my tongue (YUCK!), and sure enough I have a Springer Temperature of about 104 degrees.
Symptoms include excitability, constant butterflies in the stomache, lack of concentration and motivation at work, disruptive sleep, loss of appetite, bouts of crying, and anxiety.
Apparently it is contagious, because people that I have not heard from in YEARS are coming out of the woodwork, INSISTING that we together before I leave. I haven't seen these people int he last six months, and the only reason I can think of that they need to see me before these next six months go by, is that they, as well, have Springer Fever.
Can a doctor please comment on my condition? Orange Bug? Is there a concoction I need to take to get rid of this, or do I just need to take a hike?
17 days,