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[at-l] Springer Fever

If you would have told me in September, after I finished the trail, that I would
have Springer Fever this month, I would have said NO WAY! NOT ME! THAT'S FOR

Back then every muscle in my body ached. I hurt in places where I didn't know
you could hurt, and had for many weeks. I missed my family more than I thought
any human being could miss anyone. I wanted nothing more than to summit Katahdin
and get home as fast as possible.

Here it is, a scant 5 months later and I've got my gear spread out on the floor,
I'm considering buying a Jardine pack, my new boots have been lightly broken in
and are looking for a place to go, my once bent Leki poles are repaired and
sitting in the corner. I still have food left over, dried, packaged and, and...

I'm READY baby!

Of course, my wife's out of town on business, and if she saw I had all this gear
spread out and was even considering going hiking for more than a weekend, she
would certainly not take it well. She is a Saint, but then I may turn out to be
a Martyr...

GA>ME Class of 99
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