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Re: [at-l] ATN, Backpacker Mag, etc.

--- Linda Patton <lpatton@mailer.fsu.edu> wrote:
> 	I'm always the last one to get the new issue of
> Backpacker or the
> ATN or anything else.  Is it that "P" is so far down
> in the alphabet?  Is
> it a plot against those who live so far away from
> the mountains??  Is it
> because my guest shower is so far from perfect??? 

I think you may have a point there about the guest
shower! I always get my Backpacker mag about a week
and a half after EVERYONE, even my hiking partner, who
lives 10 minutes away from me (we're both in
Louisiana--happy belated Mardi Gras, everyone).

I thought it was because I live in such a po-dunk
little town millions of miles away from any decent
hiking trails.

FWIW, I haven't received my ATN yet either ... looking
forward to read Mags' article, and all the others in

104 more days

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