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Re: [at-l] Lasik

> Research laser surgery well.  FWIW, I know four people who are all
> satisfied with the results.  They all agonized over the decision whether
> not to have the surgery because they were well informed about the possible
> problems.  One ended up having one Lasik and one PRK (doctor caught the
> with one thin cornea).  For all, it was a change in lifestyle - no
> for glasses (or contacts) first thing in the morning - and throughout the
> day.
> For people who lead very active lifestyles, I think it's worth looking
>   Check into the doctor, the clinic, etc. and make an informed decision.
> I have no personal experience with lasik.  I just see how much more
> some of my friends are.
> Mara
> Stitches, GAME99
> >From: "KC" <wareagle@ioa.com>
> >To: "At-l" <at-l@backcountry.net>, "ejbaker" <ejbaker@sover.net>
> >Subject: [at-l] Lasik
> >Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 00:10:48 -0800
> >
> >Be very very careful with this. My ex had Lasik surgery and it went
> >She was blind for 2 months,,,she could not see well enough to work or
> >etc for over 7 months! She still has problems and has permanent damage.
> >doctors don't tell you the truth on those statistics. KC
> >
> > > just a thought for anyone who might have been pondering this:
> > > look into Lasik surgery if you're very nearsighted (or
> >farsighted--there's
> > > FDA approved procedure now, my dad was part of the experimental group
> >and
> > > he's gone from needing bifocals and an extra pair to nothing at all)
> > > you travel a lot or are becoming disillusioned with contacts (and
> >a
> > > bit adventurous).
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