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Re: [at-l] Lasik

Yup, your eyes are still going to change, just at a slower pace since
you're starting with more sight.  Actually, when we talked about my
lifestyle (I teach and write so at least three quarters of my day is spent
reading and that's not going to change) my surgeon and I agreed that
undercorrecting made a lot more sense in my case since everyone in my
family eventually becomes far-sighted as well.  So I don't have perfect
vision now--though the undercorrection is slight enough that I really don't
notice the difference, maybe a little less clear than with my contacts
which actually overcorrected.  Hopefully it will take a little longer this
way for me to need glasses again.
	(again, a good reason to get a surgeon who spends a lot of time talking
with you first).
	On the other hand, my dad only is interested in playing tennis since he
retired, so he was corrected to as near perfect as possible.

>That is the big thing for me too. I like opening my eyes and recognizing 
>who is in bed with me. Of course, it is always either my wife, the kids, or 
>my boxers, or all of them!
>But now I'm reaching for glasses to read the fine print.
>Atlanta, GA
>At 08:37 AM 3/8/2000, Mara Factor wrote:
>>   For all, it was a change in lifestyle - no reaching for glasses (or 
>> contacts) first thing in the morning - and throughout the day.
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