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Re: [at-l] At the mailbox

In a message dated 03/07/2000 3:19:12 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
monadnockdee@juno.com writes:

<< Sounds like you and I got matching mail today!! 
 On Tue, 7 Mar 2000 15:01:58 EST TOKTAADN@aol.com writes:
 > Everytime someone mentions that a new issue of the Appalachian 
 > Trailway News 
 > is out, I rush to my mailbox with eager anticipation.
 > Alas, it did not arrive today.  However, there was a booby prize in 
 > the form 
 > of the new Victoria Secret Swimwear Catalog!  :) >>

Yes, but Dee, I am sure that whatever you order will look better on you than 
what he orders will look on him.   hmmmm, maybe not :)
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